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Passion for Motion

My name is Julian Föst, I am a 26 year old motion designer from Augsburg, Germany. I love to animate objects down to the smallest detail, to bring scenes to life and to trigger emotions in the viewer, even if he sees the animation for the fifth time. That’s what I think Motion Design is all about. I started animating in 2D many years ago. But since about 2017 I’ve also been working a lot in 3D, because there are new possibilities here. I also like to combine both dimensions.


  • since 2018: Freelancing as a Motion Designer | 3D Artist
  • 2017 – 2019: Master of Arts at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences:
    • Interactive Media Systems with main focus on animation
    • Master Thesis: Animted Video „The Paradox of Time“
  • 2012 – 2016: Bachelor of Arts at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
    • Interactive Media with focus on animation
    • Bachelor Thesis: Animated Music Video „Water Means Life“ // Released as official music video to the remix of the song XE3 by electronic artist Whethan

Software / Plugins

Adobe Creative Cloud
Octane Render